Best Garage Door Insulation Kit Reviews – Top Buying Guide

A garage is a place where you can tinker the vehicle, pursue the passion for music, do woodworking or make it a mini gym house. But it’s only possible when your garage space is comfortable. The garage door is the most vulnerable spot where the heat escapes in winter and during summer heat easily seeps in making it a most uncomfortable place even to stand. There is one easy solution to all these problems, by insulating your garage door. Today, I will provide the best garage door insulation kit reviews in this article. Let’s get to the list and have the top product for your garage door.

Best Garage Door Insulation Kit

1. Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit

Matador Garage Door Insulation KitIs summer heat or chilling winter keeping you out of the garage? Install the Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit to controls the temperature of garage space. As per the matador garage door insulation kit reviews, it is easy to install in less than an hour by using basic tools. Also, it will save your energy and make place usable all-round the year.

Specifications and features of Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • Keep the garage warm in winters and cooler in summer with Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit
  • The kit is designed to fit eight to nine food garage doors.
  • Package has 8 set of boards for the garage door.
  • Effective in reducing heating or cooling cost.
  • Makes the garage area more comfortable to work.
  • The surface of the insulation is washable and easy to maintain.


2. Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit

Owens Corning 500824 GarageEnhance the comfort of your garage space by installing the Owens Corning’s Garage Door Insulation Kit. The gear comes with eight sturdy R-8 fibreglass insulation panels that get easily mounted on 9 feet wide garage door. The unique fastening system keeps the board securely attached to the door stopping heat escaping or entering the area.

Specifications and features of Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • Best garage door insulation kit designed for metal doors.
  • Neatly cover the exposed channels of the door to stop heat from escaping or entering.
  • Promises to enhance thermal performance.
  • Easy to install on a 9-foot door using tools like the utility knife, marker, straight edge and measuring tape.
  • Flexible material that gives a neat look to garage door and easy to maintain.
  • The Owens insulation kit has R-8 Fiberglass panels and white vinyl facing.


3. Reach Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit

Reach Barrier 3009 GarageTransform your garage temperature using the Reach Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit that is designed to cover the 8-foot by an 8-foot door. The company promises to block out the leakage or entry of 95% of the radiant heat that saves energy and money. Rach Barrier insulation kit includes eight high-quality insulation panels, permanent bond adhesive tape and manual guide that will help in the installation process.

Specifications and features of Reach Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • The insulation gear comes with two layers of 5/32-Inch Barrier Bubble Laminated in middle of 2 Layers of Radiant Barrier is pre-cut making the installation process easy.
  • Gives a neat look at the garage door and easy to maintain.
  • Instruction guide for attaching the panels on a garage door in less time.


4. NASA Tech White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit

NASA Tech White ReflectiveIs your garage gets too hot because of the exposure to direct sunlight? Reflective White Garage Door Insulation kit comes with a reflective foam core that redirects the sunlight making the place cooler.

Specifications and features of NASA Tech White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • Made from heavy-duty white reflective foam core that keeps temperate of garage cooler.
  • NASA insulation kit comes with four separate rolls of 21″ by 16′ and instruction booklet for the easy installation process.
  • Easy to install and no special tool required for installation


5. IMP Non-Fiberglass Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit

IMP Non Fiberglass Reflective Garage DoorAre you looking for the insulation kit for a garage with double doors? According to the IMP Non-Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation Kit Reviews, it is designed for bigger doors that promise to saves the heating cost in winter and reduce the heating temperature up to 8 degrees in summer. This garage door insulation kit comes sheets with a diameter of 18 Feet W x 7 Feet H and R-value 6.5 that gives your garage door a cleaner look and save energy.

Specifications and features of IMP Non-Fiberglass Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • IMP Insulation kit is designed for bigger garage doors to get R6 value insulation.
  • Saves heating costs in winter and reduce the overall temperature during summer.
  • Gives a clean look to the garage door.
  • Made using Non-toxic/Non-carcinogenic material.


6. ADO Products Single Garage Door Insulation Kit

ADO Products GDIKSKeep your garage warm on winter days and cool in summer months with the help of ADO Products Single Garage Door Insulation Kit. This insulation system is designed for standard 9′ x 7′ garage door. The gear contains 37′ Roll of R-8 Fiberglass Insulation (22″ wide) and installation manual. To install the ADO Products garage door insulation kit, you need Utility Knife, Marking Pen, Tape Measure, Puncture, Straight Edge and cut resistance glove for additional safety.

Specifications and features of ADO Products Single Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • ADO Products insulation kit is designed to give R-8 Performance Value.
  • Manufactured using rugged Metal pin installation system.
  • Dampens the sound making it a quiet place to work.
  • Smooth white finish to give a clean look to the garage.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Dampens the sound making it a quiet place to work.


7. Anco Garage Door Insulation Kit

Garage Door Insulation KitAnco Garage Door Insulation Kit doesn’t require any special tools for installation. If your garage gets heated up in summer and unbearably cold in winter, then go for Anco insulation kit which has fiberglass insulation with R-value 9- superior thermal performance.

Specifications and features of Anco Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • Easy to install on the most garage door.
  • Doesn’t need any unique set of equipment for installation.
  • Manufactured using high-quality material that is safe for children and pet.
  • Controls the temperature and works as a sound absorber.
  • Anco Fiberglass insulation has the R-value 9- superior thermal performance.


ProductMatador Insulation KitOwens CorningReach BarrierIMP Non-FiberglassADO Products
Weight5 pounds
11.8 pounds3.32 pounds9.9 pounds12.8 pounds
Dimensions20.2 x 54 x 1.2 inches22 x 54 x 2.2 inches25 x 13.4 x 13.2 inches22.6 x 17.5 x 16.2 inches15.5 x 15.5 x 24 inches
ColorWhiteWhiteLight GrayReflective WhiteWhite
R-Value per Inch3.85R-886.58


How to choose best Garage Door Insulation Kit?

Garage door insulation kit is a great option when you are facing temperature issues in garage all-round the year. Before making the final purchase of insulation kit, you need to note down the dimension of the door. Also, check the location of a garage door to see how long the place is exposed to the sun. You also need to check the temperature in winters too see if there is any place the heat is getting escaped. If you have a garage door made out of wood, you don’t need an insulator. But, with a metal door, the insulation kit is necessary as it will control the temperature in an hour. If the garage place is directly exposed to sunlight for a longer time, go for insulation kit that comes with reflective foil that works against the heat keeping the interior of garage cooler. Always go for the brand that offers insulation sheets with the dimension similar to the garage door. This will save your time and effort of attaching the sheet to the door.

Are you planning to insulate a garage door that will help you in maintaining the temperature of your garage? No doubt the insulation of the garage door will provide you high comfort as it helps in lessening energy bills and hampering the noise.

From the hardware store, you can get some essential supplies which will support you to accomplish the task.

How to Insulate a Garage Door?

Step-1: Arrange door panels

From the lattice frame, you can arrange the panels which you can measure with the help of the tape from inside of the door.

Arrange door panels

Step-2: Get insulation

You can buy garage door insulation kit in any of the two ways which are polystyrene foam or reflective foil insulation. If you want rigid insulation, then move for polystyrene foam that comes in large sheets. You will get better results with high R-values.

In case you are looking for the flexible option then reflective foil insulation will meet your requirements. In reflective aluminum foil, you can fit the polyethylene foam.

Get insulation

If you compare both types of insulations, then you will find that polystyrene is better than reflective foil insulation.

Step-3: Cut the insulation

Use the knife to cut the insulation after determining the dimensions by employing straightedge.

Cut the insulation

Step-4: Fix the insulation

Against the settled door panel you can keep the group of insulation up. You can fold the insulation into the frame if you possess metal frame in your garage door.

Fix the insulation

Step-5: Attach the insulation

To fasten the piece of insulation to the garage door, you can use aluminum foil tape.

Attach the insulation

Do it now

All these steps will guide you to insulate garage door efficiently. You can easily cover the garage door without any mess by following these steps. When you practically follow the steps, then you will come to know how easy and simple it is to insulate the garage door.

Insulation of garage door is very much necessary due to the following reasons-

  • Saves energy.
  • Considered more durable.
  • Quieter and convenient.
  • Protect Car and belongings.
  • Keep away the rodents.
  • In the garage, you can enjoy warmness.
  • In winters it will provide suitable parking temperature for your vehicles.
  • Improved sound barrier and checks disruption.

From all these reasons you can make out that by insulating the garage door you can make your work relaxed and comfortable.


Choosing the best garage door insulation kit online can be a difficult task. With this best garage door insulation kit reviews, we made a humble attempt to list down the best product available on the market. Make sure that when you choose the product, it should be compatible with your garage door and easy to install by using basic tools.

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