Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor – Get the Top Floor Coat for Garage

Why should we apply a clear topcoat to our garage floor coating? This is a general question that pops up in the minds of average homeowners who are looking forward to saving some bucks. Anyone who has installed a garage floor coating knows the most challenging and most time-consuming part of it is preparing the floor

But don’t worry, it is not a tedious process. In fact, many people enjoy the process. Afterall, why to hesitate in spending a little more money and time to ensure the most beautiful floor. Let’s understand as a whole and then go for the most sustainable products.

What are the Benefits of Coating for Garage Floor?

The benefits of Clear Top Coats for garages are beyond making your floor look gorgeous. It also protects the rest of the coating from many harmful elements that every garage floor encounters. It works as a sacrificing layer, and it is easier to clean and adds durability.

Things to Consider before Buying a Coating

The foremost rule to remember while choosing a clear topcoat for your garage floor is that the topcoat should be tremendous or equally good in performance than the epoxy base coat. Always remember that your coating will only be long-lasting if you apply the final coat. 

We understand how hard it is to choose the best clear coat for the garage floor. With so many options available, choosing just one of them isn’t only confusing, but also it seems impossible most of the time. Whether you’re going to apply these coats by yourself or getting it professionally installed, all these things can affect your choice. 

Now, for your help, we’ve decided to review some of the best clear coats for the garage floor and help you with determining the best-suited coat. Before listing down the best clear coat for the garage, we want to highlight some benefits of clear tops. 

Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor

1. Rust-Oleum 282829


Rust-Oleum is RockSolid’s polycuramine clear topcoat, which has high gloss protective coating and is 20 times more potent than epoxies. It’s zero VOCs make it ideal for garage floors as no odor is required in indoor applications. Apart from this, this kit can also cover 250 sq. ft. over bare concrete as well: 


  • Rust-Oleum also has a low odor and is VOC free.
  • It offers convenient brush pouch technology as well.
  • Ideal for use on garage floors, basement, bathrooms, or interior living floors. 
  • It has a high gloss finish and 20 times more potent than epoxy. 
  • The self-leveling buildable formula comes in a unique eco-friendly burst pouch. 


  • Rust-Oleum 282829 can prove to be a little expensive for many people. 
  • Sometimes it can be challenging to apply. 


2. Rust Bullet DuraGrade Clear

Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet is a highly regarded company with one of the best polyurethane garage floor clear coat to offer in the market. Rust Bullet DuraGrade Clear has proven to be one of the toughest in the market and has one of the higher solids content to offer. Apart from this, it also provides ultra-low VOC values. 


  • It has excellent resistance from peeling or lifting, which is usually caused by hot tire pick up.
  • It adds durable shine to your garage floor and gives it a professional look.
  • It has better durability and is UV, chemical, scratch, and chip resisting.  
  • It provides superior protection to concrete, metals, and wooden surfaces.   
  • It can be used to seal decorative flakes or add anti slid material to create a resistance-free finish.


  • It doesn’t adhere well to bare concrete and can require multiple coats as well. 
  • Once in a blue moon, there can be hot tire pick up. 


3. Supercoat Sandstone Epoxy Floor Coating


Epoxy is one of the most well-known exact topcoat options, and Supercoat’s Sandstone Epoxy Floor Coating stands above most of them. In case you’re looking forward to giving your garage a professional and decorative finish, then Supercoat’s Sandstone Epoxy Floor Coating is the perfect option for you.  


  • It’s as easy as to apply paint on walls.
  • It is damage resistant to various automotive chemicals. 
  • This budget-friendly kit comes with almost everything that you would need. 
  • It offers resistance from multiple factors such as blistering, chipping, etc. 
  • It is suitable for workshops and basements as well.     


  • They are not as clear as water and can leave a slightly dirty look. 
  • It is sufficient to cover a large area. 


4. UTN60 High Gloss Clear


The Armor is known for its customer services and will never let you down. The Armor UTN60 High Gloss Clear is an industrial-grade garage floor topcoat that offers superior resistance to scratches, hot tire pickup, chemicals, etc. This garage floor clear coat can provide years of performance if appropriately applied.  


  • It has excellent long term wear capabilities to offer. 
  • It offers better resistance and is durable. 
  • It’s the ideal coating for garage floors, warehouse floors.
  • It’ s1 kit can cover an area of 750 sq—Ft. In a single coat only. 
  • It is a high gloss finish that is suitable for industrial use. 


  • The high VOC value is a minor drawback for this coating. 
  • It can leave a disappointing result if instructions are not followed properly.


5. Colorado Epoxies 10002


If you are looking for a coating that goes along almost any type f flooring, then Colorado Expoxies has something for you. Colorado Epoxies 10002 is a two-component based coating system and is well-known for its durability and flexibility. This epoxy is 100% solid and offers superb performance in architectural applications. It is odorless, has zero VOC, and is Vohap free.


  • Colorado Epoxies 10002 can cover an area of 125 sq. Ft. to 170 sq. Ft. only in one gallon.
  • It has a super high gloss durable finish that is ultra-premium, noncracking, and chipping. 
  • Nonwater based professional epoxy provides waterproofing, mold, and mildew resistance.  
  • It has different flakes such as stone series flakes, wood flakes, micas, and many more. 
  • It is suitable for all types of flooring. 


  • It has UV instability as it ambers with a yellow tint if exposed directly to sunlight. 
  • Instructions can be a bit confusing. 


Final Thoughts

Now, as we are done with the reviews, we also need to know that. 

  • Garage floor coating is essential to protect the floor from all the mess and the damage. 
  • If you’re tight on your budget, then epoxies are a better option rather than having no top layer at all. 
  • Many professional installers offer a hybrid of epoxies and polyurethane coats, which can reduce the cost of installation.
  • Finally, if you’re going to install a floor coating by yourself, make sure you’re aware of its compatibility and instructions to apply appropriately.

However, all of our picks are excellent, and it is hard for us to suggest one, but in our opinion, Rust-Oleum 282829 is the best option because of the exclusive features it comes with. 

Trust our choice without any doubt! We hope we have helped you in making a wiser decision. What are you waiting for? Get going and give your garage the desirable finish by opting for the coating that best meets your requirements. Happy coating!

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