Best Garage Door Rollers: Top Quietest Garage Door Rollers of 2020

The most annoying thing to deal every morning is opening the garage door. Every time you open/close the door, it tends to make sound enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood. This usually happens due to lack of maintenance which causes the noise. Garage doors come with ball bearings that need to be lubricated through their life cycle. In the long, run the rollers tend to get brittle and often stuck when the door is moved up and down manually.

If you start to hear the garage door making a clicking sound, then it’s time to start looking for the best garage door rollers. There are steel and nylon rollers for garage doors, but choosing the quietest garage door rollers can be a task if you are replacing the unit for the first time. Below is the list of quiet garage door rollers available online. Here is a detailed review of the top five picks on garage door rollers for our readers.

Best Garage Door Rollers

1. National 2-Inch 13 Ball Nylon Garage Door Rollers

National 2-Inch 13 Ball Nylon Garage Door Rollers

The top most product for best nylon garage door rollers is taken by the National 2-Inch 13 Ball Bearing Nylon Rollers. Superior quality nylon rollers that have been rated with 20,000 cycles which is approximately three times longer compared to any standard roller. The 13-ball bearing is designed to offer a smoother and noise-free functioning for a long time. It also utilizes the lubrication smartly as the lubrication groove helps it spread evening around the bearing.

Features of National Nylon Garage Door Rollers:

  • National nylon rollers for garage doors comes with a dimension of 4-1/8″ shaft, 1/2″ shoulder, 1/2-inch wheel thickness, 1-13/16-inch wheel Dia and 4-5/8″ overall.
  • The roller comes with a lubrication groove to diffuse lubrication during the course of time for minimizing the damage and sound.


2. DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet 2″ Nylon Garage Door Roller

DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet 2 Nylon Garage Door Roller

DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet 2″ Nylon bearing is the quiet garage door rollers one can find online. If you are looking for the bearing replacement for the garage door, then this 13-ball bearing will help you attain an improved functioning by smoothening the closing and opening the doors by 75% approximately. The nylon rollers for garage doors has a lubrication groove to dissolve lubricating oil, has 7/16″ shaft thickness, 1/2″ thick wheel, diameter of 4-1/8″” shaft, 4-5/8″ long, 1/2″ shoulder, and 1-13/16″ wheel diameters overall. Easy to install on both the side of garage door DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet 2″ Nylon door rollers will reduce the noise and last longer.

Features of DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet Door Roller:

  • DURA-BILT Ultra-Quiet garage door roller works on minimizing the rotation friction between shaft and roller that cause noise.
  • Nylon roller wheels combined with the precision 13-ball bearing improves the movement of the garage door by 75%.
  • The bearing lubrication groove comes with contains Mobil grease XHP™ 222 that protects the bearing under all kind of temperature.
  • Under the testing conditions, these door rollers offer up to 10,000 door open/close cycles in case of a 100-pound door load.
  • The measurement of bearings is 7/16″ thick shaft, 4-5/8″ long shaft, 1-13/16″ wheel diameter, 1/2″ wheel shoulder, 1/2″ wheel thickness and 1/2″ wheel shoulder.


3. AME 8006029 Garage Door Roller

AME 8006029 Garage Door Roller

To repair the noisy garage door, all you need to do is order the AME garage door roller that comes in 10-pack. The best nylon garage door rollers available in the market, it has 6200Z 8-ball bearing that is rated for 100,000 door open/close cycles. Thanks to the nylon wheel, there is a noise reduction up to 75%. Also, the inner ball bearing is protected from grime and dirt by the special bearings which results in less friction while closing and opening of the door.

Features of AME 8006029 Roller:

  • These garage door rollers are available in 10-Pack.
  • The Nylon rollers are designed for smoother and silent operation of a garage door.
  • Sealed Bearings design protect the inner ball bearing from dirt and grime for years making it zero maintenance bearings.
  • Each part has 13-Ball to give durability in longer run.
  • Noise reduction up to 75% when opening or closing the door.


4. AOD- Stamped 6200z- SUPER Quiet 13 Ball Garage Door Rollers

AOD- Stamped 6200z- SUPER Quiet 13 Ball Garage Door Rollers

AOD is a leading manufacturer and distributor of best garage door rollers in the market. Their 13 Ball Precision 6200Z Nylon roller can beat any other roller for reducing the noise of garage door. The AOD6200z- SUPER Quiet 13 ball garage door rollers come with sealed bearings and 4” zinc plated stem that can bear the load of 150 lb and handle 100,000 cycles in case of a 12’ door.

Features of AOD- Stamped 6200z- SUPER Door Rollers:

  • AOD 6200z comes in a 12 pack of nylon garage door rollers.
  • In case of a 12’ Door, 100,000 cycles are the limit for the 4” Zinc Plated Stem and 6200Z Precision Bearings.
  • Each product is stamped to show 100% OEM genuine Products.
  • This package contains AOD Lubricant for free as a promotional offer.


5. Ideal Security Inc. Garage Door Rollers

Ideal Security Inc. Garage Door Rollers

Generally, steel wheels of garage doors tend to make noise and won’t be smoother if coated with grime. Replace them with the Ideal Security quietest garage door rollers which have nylon shells for quieter operation and steel core for longer shelf life. Each garage door roller comes with eleven ball bearings that make smooth opening and closing operations.

Features of Ideal Security Inc. Garage Door Rollers:

  • Ideal Security offers quiet garage door rollers for commercial and residential garage doors.
  • The rollers have nylon shells covering steel wheels that run for longer duration and make less noise while operating the garage door.
  • Each roller has 11 ball bearings for smoother operations.


Nylon Rollers (2 Inch)Nylon Rollers (4 Inch)AME 8006029AOD- Stamped 6200zIdeal Security
Weight2.5 pounds2.5 pounds3 pounds1.5 pounds2.5 pounds
Dimensions5 x 5 x 55 x 5 x 56.7 x 4.9 x 2.410.2 x 7.6 x 7.64 x 1.8 x 3.8
Assembled Diameter1.75 inches1-13/16 inch1.82 inches1.82 inches7/16 inch
Wheel Thickness0.5 inches0.5 inches0.5 inches31/64" inch11.5 mm

How to replace garage door rollers?

So, we have looked into the best available garage door rollers. Now, if you want to replace the existing rollers or looking for buying a new one, then you may also want to know about the installation technique. Here, I have provided a quick guide on how to replace/install garage door rollers.

Things you will need:

  1. Good-quality garage door rollers
  2. Screwdriver (flat head type recommended)
  3. Pliers
  4. Clamp
  5. Pry bar
  6. Wrench
  7. Ladder
  8. A helper if you need

Check the type of the garage door roller

You may know that the garage door rollers come in various types like a bottom roller, top roller, and center roller. To help for the particular type of roller, I will explain the replacement process for all three of them.

1) Replace Top Garage Door Rollers

Follow the steps mentioned below to replace top garage door rollers:

  1. Open the garage door to the top.
  2. Set up a ladder to access the top portion of the garage door.
  3. Remove the garage door opener from the socket and place a clamp in the way of a garage door opening.
  4. Now, with the help of pliers, open the track slightly.
  5. Take the roller to the opening you have made and with the help of a screwdriver; pray the first roller out from the track.
  6. Remove the top roller and insert the new one in the track.
  7. Repeat the same process for all the top rollers.

2) Replace Bottom Garage Door Rollers

It is advisable not to remove/replace/install the garage door bottom rollers by yourself if you are not an experienced person. This can be risky due to the spring cable which carries the weight and tension of the garage door. You should hire a professional to replace or install the garage door bottom rollers.

3) Replace Center Garage Door Rollers

If you have a wooden garage door, then use the wrench (7-inch/16-inch) for removing the nuts which are tightened on the hinge. Remove the bolts with the help of a hammer, then.

If you have a steel garage door, then use the wrench (3-inch/8-inch) to open the hex-headed screws.

  • Now, remove the rollers one after one by pulling the hinge. Insert the shaft of the new roller in the sleeve of the hinge.
  • It is the time to insert the wheel roller. Make the perfect alignment of the roller’s holes and that of the hinge on the garage door.
  • Tighten the screws using a special wrench depending on your wooden/steel.

That’s it. You have replaced the center rollers of your garage door.

What is your experience in replacing your garage door? Which type of garage door did you replace? Did you finish it yourself or hire a professional? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

One thumb rule one needs to remember that if your garage door makes a clicking sound or doesn’t open/close in one pull, it’s time to replace the door rollers. Always pick the highest quality of nylon rollers for garage doors as they reduce noise, gives smoother opening/closing operation and have a longer shelf life. Above is the list of best garage door rollers available online. Do check out the list and make sure to leave comments on what you think of our picked products.

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