Best Paint for Garage Door – Top Garage Door Paint Options of 2020

Choosing the right paint for your garage door is vital. The door that is visible except your front door is the garage door. So while renovating or setting up your new house, do not forget to paint the garage doors too. These doors do not only add beauty but also help in protecting doors from weather effects, rust and much more. Applying paint on the doors gives it the property to resist the harmful UV rays, and also provides an excellent long-lasting finish to it.

Best Paint for Garage Door

While there are many types of paints available in the market today for painting your garage doors, it is essential to decide which one you want to go for. The paint type also depends on the material of your door is made from. Many garages have wooden doors, whereas some have aluminum, vinyl, or metal ones. To make the procedure of finding garage door paint easy, I have made a list of the perfect options. I know it becomes confusing which color to go for so for helping you with that, I have also included a little brief about how to select the garage door color in this article. 

Check out the options for best garage door paint and decide one that is suitable for you.

1. Vinyl Renu PRO Surface RestorerVinyl Renu PRO Surface Restorer

This product is number one on my list for the fact that this is the multi-purpose paint. It can work over metal siding, roofing, vinyl siding, cement board, garage doors and all other outdoor surfaces. The paint is non-flammable and has a   long-lasting effect due to its unique formulation. The application process is easy and hassle-free. It is easily available online as well as retail shops.

Key features:

  • The paint can be used to paint on vinyl, metal and cement board sidings.
  • It is water-based paint that is easy to clean up. The paint penetrates deep and makes the color last longer.
  • The Vinyl Renu Pro comes with a ten-year warranty.
  • It protects the siding from oxidation, green algae and fading.
  • There is no requirement of priming or sanding after applying the paint.


2. Cetol Door & Window Light Oak Garage Door Paint

Cetol Door & Window Light Oak

Cetol is a trusted name when it comes to good-quality paint and quarts for outdoor doors. The paint has an excellent finish and beautifies your wooden doors. It is formulated using high alkyd solids that protect the surface of doors. It only takes few coats of paint to cover the door and transform it. If you are someone who likes the look of varnished wooden doors, then you can buy this product.

Key features:

  • The paint is suitable for application on all exterior doors and windows.
  • Applying this paint on the door creates a protective barrier against the changes in weather and keeps it intact.
  • The paint is durable, long-lasting and gives a smooth finish to your doors.
  • It is sheer and thus brings out the natural characteristics of the wooden door to see through.


3. Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors

Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors

It is better to get an entire paint kit to paint the garage doors. Well if you are searching for a kit, then this alternative is ideal for you. Wood Look paint kit comes with a tone base coat, finish coat, brush, roller arm, cover and two stir sticks. The paint is water-based and acrylic. It can be applied on a smooth, embossed, flat, or raised doors. Transform your boring solid garage doors into the ones looking like wood by using this kit.

 Key features:

  • The wood paint is available in five different colors: black, honey oak, red oak, royal mahogany and English oak. You can select the color that suits your garage and its doors.
  • The paint is easy to apply with a two-step procedure that transforms your garage doors in three hours.
  • It is safe, low in odors and also resists the weather. The paint is exclusively designed for outdoor use.
  • The paint is durable, long-lasting and can be applied to all types of doors.


4. Sikkens Cetol Door and Glass gloss Sikkens Cetol Door and Glass gloss

If you are searching for a clear glossy paint to give a seamless and smooth finish to your garage doors, then you can opt for this alternative. The paint is made with a formulation of high alkyd solids. It has excellent flexibility as well as microporosity. There are translucent iron oxide pigments and UV absorbers to give the all-around protection to your garage doors.

Key features:

  • The gloss adds a satin sheen to the door and thus transforming its look.
  • The unique formulation of this gloss helps in giving protection against the weather.
  • It is available in four variants such as clear gloss, clear satin and four ready to mix colors in satin.
  • This paint can be used for painting doors, windows, fiberglass doors and garage.


5. Giani Wood Look Paint for Garage Doors

Giani Wood look is another excellent alternative if you are searching for water-based acrylic paint. It gives a smooth finish and texture, just like the wood. The paint can adhere to doors with a flat surface, painted steel, textured surface, painted aluminum, raised panel, vinyl surface and others. Apart from garage doors, it can also be used for other windows and doors in the house having a similar surface. The paint gives a wood grain finish that looks beautiful and elegant.

Key features:

  • The paint gives an excellent finish on vinyl surfaces if applied after priming as the paint adheres properly to the surface.
  • It has low odor and VOCS; hence, it is suitable for people who are not fond of strong paint odor.
  • The paint is available in five variants: Black Walnut, Red Oak, Honey Oak, English Oak and Royal Mahogany. All the colors have a natural wood finish and are durable.
  • A single container of the paint can cover up to 100 square feet of the surface.
  • It dries in three hours and only takes a few coats for an opaque application.


How to choose the perfect garage door color?

When it comes to selecting the right color, there are no stringent rules. But you can follow some tips and suggestions to make your doors look more beautiful. You can choose the tones of color that matches the rest of your house. For example, if your home has brown tones, you can select the beige color tones. You can either use a contrasting color or a coordinating color for your garage door.

Keep the house scheme, surroundings, and color of entire house in mind before finalizing the color. The most common colors used for garage doors are white, grey, different shades of brown, and black. You can select the colors that match your preference. Do a little patch test before painting the entire door. You can also take inspiration from your neighbors and paint the doors accordingly. So keep all these factors in mind before you start painting your doors.

Concluding remarks

The options stated in this list are some of the top-rated and best alternatives available. Many people have given positive reviews and feedback for the same. After you are done with selecting the color, try and know a little about its application process. Take help of some online tutorials to perfectly paint your garage doors and give them a seamless finish.

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