Best Portable AC for Garage – Cool Your Garage in 2020

People who work in their garages on weekends for extended hours usually find it gets hot sometimes due to humidity and temperature that could hamper their work. It has also been noted that working in a place with improper ventilation and increased humidity can also cause more exhaustion in less time. To avoid these situations, it is better to invest in a portable air conditioner for garage. Like some of my friends have gotten a radio and TV for their garages to keep them entertained, I think a portable AC would be a more preferred appliance that you might need in the garage. 

Now some people might wonder why to opt for a portable option when you can go for regular ones. Well, as we all know that standard ACs take up a lot of space and are also quite expensive, it is always to opt for a portable option.

Investing in an excellent quality portable AC gives you the option of shifting it to other rooms in your house or uninstalling it when not in use during cold weather conditions. After studying these options in detail, I think it is definitely better to have at least one portable air conditioner in the house as it can be used in other places too. Many brands offer excellent models for such air conditioners, but I did a little research and found the top five options you could opt for. So if you want to buy a portable ac, read this list of the best portable air conditioners for garage given down below.

Best Portable AC for Garage

1. Black + Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner

Black + Decker

Black plus Decker is a trusted name when it comes to electronics and appliances. They have become a popular choice for getting sturdy and premium quality portable air conditioners due to its unique design and new technology. This particular model, BPACT14WT, is a bestseller in the category of portable air conditioner for garage due to its impressive specifications and swift functioning. It can be installed in the rooms with double-hung or sliding windows. This one is suitable for cooling up the small spaces. This portable AC uses environment-friendly refrigerant R410a, which ensures that you are opting for eco-friendly devices for your home. It operates on 75dB noise to give the quiet cooling without any disturbance. The reusable air filters can be slid out with ease to clean and reinstall it. Lastly, it will be a relief for the users to know that this AC has a self-evaporating operation that eliminates the need for keeping a bucket or drain pans.

Key features:

  • This portable AC is ideal for small spaces such as a dorm, RVs, small rooms, or garage that is approximately 22X25 feet in dimension.
  • It has a three-in-one function as it is designed to provide cooling, fan and dehumidification modes by a quiet and hassle-free operation.
  • The AC gives out a steady airflow in the vertical motion, which ensures that the temperature is maintained throughout the place you have kept it in.
  • It is also equipped with a LED digital display along with 24 hours on/off timer and sleep mode.
  • The AC aids in preventing the growth of bacteria in hot weather as well as reduces the humidity.
  • As it comes with a complete installation kit that has everything that you might need for setting it up, you can do the installation process yourself with the help of a manual guide it comes with.


2. Homelabs Portable Air Conditioner for garage


The next option is from the house of Homelabs, another known brand for home appliances. It has an ASHRAE rating of 14,000BTU that makes it ideal for cooling the small spaces, garage, dorms that are 450 to 600 square feet in dimension. The room needs to have a horizontal window opening for installing this portable AC. The user just needs to attach the hose and window slider adapter and put the power supply on for setting up the unit. The customers have praised the easy installation of this AC as it takes less than eight minutes to complete the procedure. You can also detach the unit and store it when not in use. The manufacturers recommend using a drainage facility as the unit discharges water while operating.

Key features:

  • The portable ac comes with a built-in dehumidifier that makes sure that your room remains cool in hot weather.
  • There is a filter indicator light that reminds the user of cleaning the air filters so that you do not miss out on it.
  • It is easy to install this AC and move it to another place that has an accessible window.
  • As it comes with remote control, you can set the temperature, fan speed, cooling modes comfortably sitting at your place. 
  • The AC also has a feature of sleep function that makes sure that there is low energy consumption along with the desired cooling.
  • The manufacturers offer a two-year warranty and free return or exchange within the thirty days of the order receipt.


3. JHS Smart Portable Air Conditioner for Garage


Why opt for the regular portable air conditioner when you can get a smart one. This portable air conditioner from JHS has an extraordinary feature of controlling the AC with your phone by using the mobile app made for controlling it. This feature makes it the best option for the working people as you can personalize the settings and also set the timers to switch off or on the air conditioner as per your schedule. The users have to make sure that there is a hung or sliding window in the room you want to install this portable air conditioner. It cannot be installed in the spaces that do not have any windows. As the AC doesn’t take up a lot of space, it is a perfect option for garage, kitchen and other small rooms in your house.

Key features:

  • The air conditioner gives the cooling of 10,000 BTU, which is sufficient to cool the space up to 300 square feet with ease.
  • It comes with the added features dehumidification and speed fan to give you all in one air conditioner.
  • There is no need for permanent installation required as it is equipped with stainless castors and handles to shift it from room to room.
  • The users can install the air conditioner unit themselves by following the manual guide in less than ten minutes.
  • This portable AC has washable filters so that you can clean them and reinstall them.
  • As it has a self-evaporation feature, it can recycle the condensed water and it also has a double drainage system for the rooms with increased humidity.


4. EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner for Garage


Another excellent option that you can consider for getting a portable air conditioner for your garage is this AC from Edgestar. It can cool up the area of up to 400 square feet with a cooling capacity of 14,000 BTU. The unique design of using two dual-hose makes it efficient in cooling the spaces 40% faster than the other alternatives. One can install this air conditioner that has a window for connecting the vent hose. The users can quickly complete the installation process by following the instructions it comes with along with the window kit. The air conditioner also has an additional feature of auto-restart that restores the selected settings after a power failure.

Key features:

  • The portable AC has a rating of 11.2 EER as it consumes less energy as compared to the other options.
  • It has the capacity of both cooling and heating the place, which makes it a versatile purchase for all year round.
  • There are no harmful refrigerants that can lead to Ozone depletion. It is free of all such toxic chemicals and uses a non-damaging R410 refrigerant for cooling.
  • You can program the air conditioner for cooling up your space by changing the settings and customizing it as per your preference.
  • It offers three modes for fan speed and noise so that you can change the mode when required.


5. Black+Decker BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner


The last option on this list is also from the house of Black+Decker. This BPACT08WT model comes with a cooling capacity of 8000 BTU, which makes it perfect for keeping it in an apartment, rooms, dorm, or garage. It can be installed with the spaces that have hung or sliding windows, while crank windows are not suitable for installation. The air conditioner also comes with full remote control for managing the settings sitting in your own place. The environment-friendly refrigerant R410a is used as a cooling agent in this portable air conditioner to avoid the harmful effects of the ozone-depleting refrigerant. As the AC has washable filters, you can clean it with ease and reinstall them after cleaning.

Key features:

  • The air conditioner works in providing the powerful airflow in vertical motion that maintains the consistent temperature of the room.
  • It has four caster wheels to shift and reinstall the air conditioner wherever needed.
  • This portable air conditioner is equipped with 24 hours on and off timer along with sleep mode so that you can sleep without any disturbance.
  • The users can select different modes such as cool mode or dry mode depending upon the desired temperature for their room.
  • The AC has three in all functions such as cooling, dehumidification and fan modes for easy as well as noiseless operation.
  • As it has a bucket less operation, the users are not required to attach extra drainage hose or pans for the same.


Concluding Remarks

The above-stated list has all the options that are already the bestsellers in the category of portable air conditioners. I have made sure to include the affordable options in this list so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket while getting an AC for your garage. I would definitely recommend the first option from Black plus Decker due to its self-evaporation feature as it makes sure that the users have a hassle-free experience and there is no need to add an extra drainage facility. 

All other options are also worth consideration as mostly all of them come with an added feature of dehumidification, which is excellent for the people living in tropical areas. I would suggest you go through all the specifications of the option you choose to make the right purchase for your garage.

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