Best Slatwall for Garage – Top Products For Organizing Storage

You may have seen many shops or garages with a sturdy building material contains horizontal grooves. This material and such an arrangement are known as Slatwall system. Many people use it to cover the walls or as the display fixtures. It doesn’t damage easily and showcases professionalism. It consists of panels, usually of 4 ft. x 8 ft. It needs timely adjustments according to the latest inventory and layout updates.  

The panels are made from MDF, also known as Medium Density Fiberboard, with Melamine Paper Pressed finishing. Such panels are laminated onto one or both sides. After that, the horizontal grooves are created into the board using the machine. Lastly, these panels are painted or fitted with plastic or aluminum inserts. In this article, you can get some of the best slatwall systems for garage. Let’s review each of them. 

Best Slatwall System For Garage

1. Proslat 88109 Heavy Duty PVC Slatwall Garage Organizer

Proslat 88109 Heavy Duty PVC Slatwall Garage OrganizerThe kit includes 10 panels, trims, and mounting hardware. All sections cover up to 8 feet x 4 feet. This product is all about 32 total square feet, but if you need a smaller size, you can also get 4 ft. x 4 ft. section by Proslat.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This Slatwall is rugged and comes with interlocking panels. It is not affected by any mold or water. 
  • The modular baskets and shelves help you to organize your garage space. All trims are designed for an exact fit and color match.
  • It is made with sturdy and heavy-duty PVC wall panels. The company claims that these panels are made from recycled materials.
  • The kit includes panels and all the trims that help to hold up to 34 kilograms per linear foot once the package is installed correctly.
  • The installation process of Proslat Slatwall is easy. It can be fixed directly to studs or even the drywall.
  • No screws will be found after the installation because of the patented hidden-screw design. This feature gives a professional finished look.


2. Jifram Easy Living 01000021 Slatwall Kit For Garage

Jifram Easy Living 01000021 Slatwall KitEither you have a small garage or larger departments expecting adequate organizing and designing retail layouts, Jifram is the most suitable one. It is durable, affordable, and versatile. You can also give a unique look to your garage using these panels.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Jifram Easy Living Slatwall Kit is convenient to install. It is an uncomplicated process, and even one person can fix it with a level and cordless screwdriver.
  • Slatwall kit expands existing storage space by another 16 square feet. It comes in two sizes of vertical storage. 4 ft. x 4 ft. or an 8 ft. x 2 ft. configuration.
  • It features eight EasyWall boards, four decorative outside edges, and 64 screws. You can get the best combinations of panels and slat walls, using your creative or decorative imagination.
  • The brand also provides additional individual accessories such as hang hand tools, craft supplies, gardening tools, safety gear, and more. But, this particular kit does not include them. They are sold separately.
  • It is versatile and user-friendly. You can install it in the garage, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, or shops anywhere you need it. You can also use it to hang your regular casuals such as caps, jackets, scarves, etc.


3. Proslat 33013 Basic Bundle with Slatwall Panels and Hook Kit

Proslat 33013 Basic Bundle with Slatwall Panels and Hook KitIf you are looking for an eco-friendly and easy to clean option for your garage set-up, try Proslat 33013 Basic Bundle. The kit already includes Slatwall panels and hooks. There are three colors available online such as Charcoal, Light Gray, and White. Choose one according to your garage’s interior or make some beautiful combinations using all of this tints.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The kit includes 10 Proslat panels with a size of 8 ft. x 4 ft. or 32 total square feet. You will also get 20-piece multi-purpose hook kit along with these items.
  • The brand claims that the wall panels are environment-friendly and very easy to clean. You can wipe them or hose them down.
  • This Slatwall is mold and water-resistant. You will be motivated to day and night in your garage with these professional-looking panels.
  • The hooks are made of heavy-duty steel. They are coated with a silver powder coat that makes such hooks durable and keeps them rust-free.
  • Also, the hooks have ⅛ inch backplates which are designed to disperse the workload throughout the wall.
  • The modular system and accessories help you organize your garage space according to your needs and imagination. You can change the configuration whenever you want.
  • Proslat’s wall panels are made from 90% recycled material. It also provides a lifetime warranty on the wall panels and a 10-year warranty on hooks and bins.


4. Suncast Resin Slatwall Panel Sections

Suncast Resin Slatwall Panel SectionsSuncast is a popular name in the Slatwall industry because of its durability and versatility. The Slatwall made by this brand is light-weight, moisture-proof, and UV resistant. The resin used construction ensures long-lasting use and better performance.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It comes in Gray color, which is suitable for any garage, shed, or a storage area. Even the dark or light walls enhance because of this neutral color.
  • The set-up and designs are easy to install and uncomplicated to use. All the installed panels will look flawless with no visible brackets or screws.
  • The ideal size of Suncast Slatwall Panel is 12” x 48”. The hooks and wire baskets can be moved easily so that you can give a customized look to your garage.
  • The kit doesn’t include any hooks and wire baskets but they are readily available in the market, and you can get them from any hardware store.
  • For the installation, you just have to find the wall studs and attach Slatwall panels to the wall. You can hang baskets to store other things such as brushes, tins, etc.


5. Norsk NSNW4PK Panel Slatwall Kit For Garage

Norsk NSNW4PK Panel Slatwall KitAll you need is flexibility and lots of space to work comfortably in the garage. Norsk Slatwall kit will help you to serve your purpose without taking much space of your working area. These panels can be used to build a track or wall system.

Key Features and Specifications

  • You can use the NorskWall System is for commercial or home use. It can be fixed and suitable for the garage, basement, laundry room, etc.
  • These panels are made from heavy-duty virgin cellular PVC plastic and engineered to handle loads compared to the f most other manufacturers.
  • The company features Kwik-Connect system that locks each panel quickly lock with each other. This process creates incredible ease of installation.
  • It covers 10 square feet on total with its 48.25″W x 27″H of dimension. All parts are included in the kit to complete every installation you need in your garage.
  • The hooks and baskets are not included in the kit, but this design accepts hooks from many manufacturers.
  • The installation is easy. Only one person required to do the job and assemble all the parts. You can complete your process within few minutes.


These are the top five garage slatwall systems according to our research and personal experiences. You can choose any one of them according to your indoor appearance, need, and budget. We hope you have found the best you were hoping for! Buy it, try it, and make the most of it.

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