Best TV for Garage – Top Rated TV Set You Can Buy Right Now

Who doesn’t enjoy a little entertainment while working? Well, everybody does. Working for long hours in the garage can be frustrating and tedious. Add some fun to your tasks in the garage and get a TV for your garage. Yes, you read it right. There are a lot of options available in the market today for portable and small TVs that can fit in your garage easily. Wall mount TVs are available in smaller sizes that can be a perfect fit for your garage. These television sets are affordable, easy to install and make your weekends in garage amusing.

By now, you already want to know the options available for getting a TV. Don’t you? So after going through all the alternatives of TV that can be kept in the garage. I have listed all the best options for TVs ranging from 10 inches to 32 inches in this article. Check out the list and get yourself a TV to make your garage more comfortable and relaxing.

Best TV for the Garage

1. Tyler 10 inch Portable LCD TV for Garage

Tyler 10 inch Portable LCD TV for Garage

Tyler 10-inch portable TV is one of the most convenient options available in the market today. The size of the TV is its USP and buyers are impressed with its overall performance. This TV has an advantage that it is also portable and it can fit comfortably in the garage, be it small or big. A DVD player can be connected to the TV along with a Game system. Hence this alternative provides you with all the features that one needs on their TV.

  • This LCD TV has a 10-inch widescreen and has good picture quality.
  • It also has USB/SD inputs for external audio and video playback, Dual AV inputs for use with DVD player.
  • It is built in rechargeable Lithium Battery and has AC/DC thus can be used anywhere in the house.
  • This TV also has a band digital tuner supporting ATSC/NTSC.
  • It also has a removable display mounting pad.@buy

2. SuperSonic 13.3-Inch HDTV for Garage

SuperSonic 13.3-Inch HDTV for GarageThis 13.3 inch TV is the most recommended one for the portable option. This TV’s best feature is that it has a PC input and it can also be used as a computer monitor.

  • This TV has HDMI inputs and provides high definition picture and sound quality.
  • The TV is USB, as well as SD input compatible, helping you to enjoy music and photos while working in a garage.
  • The colors of the TV are vibrant, along with fantastic contrast detail. It offers a crisp 1080p picture quality.
  • It also has noise reduction, and noise interference is also canceled.
  • It provides color balance in high definition.


3. Axess 15.6-Inch LED HDTV for Garage

Axess 15.6-Inch LED HDTV for Garage

Axess 15.6-inch LED HDTV has a 1366 x 768 max resolution, which helps in getting a sharp view. The attractive feature of this TV is the size as well as it has a digital and analog tuner to watch your shows later. So you can view your favorite shows while working in the garage. Another specialty of this TV is that it has a 12V car cord technology that can be used while traveling in the car. This TV is also available in three different sizes; select the one according to the area of your garage.

Key features 

  • This TV has an HDMI port that helps in giving a good quality picture and has 720p HD quality.
  • The TV has a 16:9 aspect ratio and also comes with a full remote control function. 
  • This TV has built-in speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs while working.
  • It also has a USB port and a 3.5mm earphone audio jack.
  • This TV runs only on the AC power supply, so make you have a proper power supply for the same.


4. Pyle 18.5-Inch LED TV for Garage

Pyle 18.5-Inch LED TV for Garage

The Pyle TV has an 18.5-inch screen and full HD 1080p widescreen high-resolution display. It can be mounted on the wall easily, which will save a lot of space in your garage. The base for wall mounting is removable so you can remove the TV and fix it elsewhere when needed. The colors of the TV are bright and delivers a realistic picture quality. The TV is sleek and has a neat design that doesn’t make your garage look messy.

Key features

  • This TV comes with 1366 x 768 display resolution delivering high picture quality.
  • This HD TV is compatible with both Mac and PC, which makes it possible to use the screen as a monitor.
  • It comes with a built-in range of stereo speakers, enhancing the sound quality.
  • The TV has side panel control buttons as well as a fully functional remote control.
  • It also has selectable multi-viewing display modes. This feature provides you with an excellent viewing experience.


5. Hitachi 22 Inch LED HDTV for Garage

Hitachi 22 Inch LED HDTV for Garage

Hitachi 22-inch LED TV comes with a full 1080p resolution and high efficiency LED backlight. The TV is lightweight and compact to fit in the kitchen, small rooms, and garages. This TV can be wall-mounted, which will save up space in the area you are planning to keep this TV.

Key features

  • This TV has a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution display giving an excellent picture quality.
  • It has multiple inputs for DVD, Playstation, Xbox, Bluray, and other gaming devices.
  • The TV comes with an anti-glare screen and can be connected to an HDTV antenna for local HD programs.
  • It comes with Twin 3 Watt stereo speakers with surround sound five sound modes delivering a fantastic sound quality.


6. LG Electronics 24-Inch LED TV for Garage

LG Electronics 24-Inch LED TV for Garage

LG 24-inch LED TV comes in the ideal size for kitchen, bedroom, and garage. The TV can be wall-mounted, which is its striking feature. It has incredible clarity due to its HD resolution. Pictures appear vibrant due to its colors and details. It is also available in two sizes and three variants. However, there is no smart functionality on this TV, so if you want a smart TV for the garage, then skip this option.

Key features

  • This TV has 720p HD resolution giving a fantastic picture quality.
  • It has a direct-lit LED that produces pictures with excellent quality.
  • The TV also has an HDMI and USB input and laptop, Blu-ray player and a video game can be connected.
  • It has a 60Hz refresh rate for viewing fast-action scenes with minimal motion blur.


7. TCL 32-Inch Smart LED TV for Garage

TCL 32-Inch Smart LED TV for Garage

TCL is one of the top-rated brands when it comes to innovative and excellent quality TV sets. This TCL 32-inch Smart TV is one of the best ones if you are looking for buying a smart TV for your garage. Its smart functionality has access to over 4,000 streaming channels, more than 450,000 movies, and TV episodes through Roku TV. There are five different sizes and three different variants to choose from. Buy the one that suits your budget and requirement.

  • This TV has 720p HD resolution giving high-quality picture quality.
  • It has 3 HDMI inputs, USB port, digital and analog audio output.
  • The TV also has 15 degrees of tilt, which helps in the optimal viewing angle.
  • It has a 60Hz refresh rate that allows the fast action or moving scene with minimal motion blur.
  • It can be mounted on the wall, thus saving space and making it a perfect fit for keeping it in the garage.


Tyler TTV703 10"Pyle 18.5-InchHitachi 22E30TCL 32S305
Weight3.4 pounds42 pounds5 pounds9.9 pounds
Dimensions12.3 x 8.1 x 5.112 x 49 x 3022.4 x 14.3 x 4.528.9 x 7.2 x 19.2
BatteriesLithium Ion2 AAA Batteries2 AAA Batteries2 AAA Batteries
Speaker TypeBuilt-InBuilt-in Stereo SpeakersTwin 3 watt stereo speakersBuilt-in
HDMI Port1123

All the alternatives are curated, keeping the size of the average garage in mind. There are other TV models also, but the sizes might be a little too big for the garage. Go through all the details and warranty period of the TV before making the purchase. I hope this article helps you to decide the TV that will be best suited for your garage. I would recommend the TVs that can be wall-mounted as it will not take a lot of space, giving you room to keep other things as well in your garage.

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