Disadvantages of Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: Check the Reality

A very common question asked from all the homeowners across the world is, which garage door opener is better? Belt Drive door opener or Chain drive door opener. This difference can only be solved if you read the below article. I am sure you will come to an end result and pick one for your garage as well. 

Belt drive vs. chain drive garage door

Let’s talk about the Belt drive garage door first and know the pros and cons. Listing the major source of difference will lead you to a clear picture of the best garage door to be used.  

Pros of Belt Drive

Beltdrive garage door


Belt drives can easily lift the garage door as it has exceptional lifting ability. It has a construction that is made with strides. These are used majorly for large motorcycles and garage doors. These are super dural for a lifetime. 


The worst thing when you open or close the garage door is you hear the noise. Noise is very disturbing and irritating for sure, and you will experience a really noisy door in the chain drive garage door. The belt drive garage doors are not loud and have a huge advantage. So if you do not want any noise in your garage door, they have a belt drive mechanism.


When it comes to speed, belt drive garage doors usually tend to lift slightly quicker than others. So if you know that you will always be in a rush and want your door to just open in seconds, then you must have belt drive garage doors. And even if not, these are really quick and help you with its smooth mechanism too.


Installing a belt drive garage door is much easier than installing a chain drive. As you are going to use the garage for years and it will happen that you have to reinstall the drives. So it is better to replace a broken belt than a broken chain. It is easier and more preferable. 

Availability and maintenance:

Belt drive door openers are easily available at your nearby installation and service companies. These are also easy to maintain as they do not need to be lubricated. 

Cons of Belt Drive


For Belt drive garage doors, strength is the power and weakness both. It lies in a huge advantage and a disadvantage too. These kinds of garage doors open 1 car garage with utter ease but might struggle in lifting heavier 2 car garage doors. 


The belt drive garage door does not last as long as the other competitive ones. Thus, you might have to replace these belts often, but yes, they do come with a greater warranty system than others. So again, it can be advantageous as well as a disadvantage. 


The performance of the belt drive is always nice, but during very high humidity and heat atmosphere, there are high possibilities of a belt drive not to work well. 


The price of the belt drive garage door is slightly more than others and always comes with a warranty. So, you can list it in both pros and cons and choose wisely as per your need. 

Pros of Chain Drive 

chain Drive Garage Door Opener


When it comes to chain drive garage doors, they are much stronger than belt drive garage doors. They can easily lift two garage doors at the time without any hassle. It also has a non-slip process, which is why it is safe too. 


Chain drive belts are highly available at your near home improvement center and at several hardware shops too. So you don’t need to roam around, you can find this belt easily in your local areas. 


As discussed above, the life span of the chain drive garage door is more than a belt drive. The chain drive belt also works well during high heated temperature and humidity. 


The chain drive garage doors are the least expensive ones for your garage. It is by far most accessible from the market at affordable rates, and thus it is used widely by almost everyone. 

Cons of Chain Drive


This is the place where most of the chain drive owners lack, and they shift to other competitive drives. The chain drive garage door needs regular lubrication to keep the functioning on and system mechanized. So if you fail at doing this, then it is quite difficult to have a chain drive door. 


It happens a lot of times that the chain drive mechanism shakily opens the door and has an irritating rustic sound due to it. It fits the door slightly later and slower than others. It is just a matter of a few seconds, but yes, it plays a major role for many homeowners. 


As discussed, it has a very irritating noise, and if you have your garage attached to a home, then you are going to face a lot of trouble due to this noise. 

Disadvantages of Belt drive garage door opener

There are certain potential disadvantages if you have a belt garage door opener. But the most affecting problem is the cost of the belt drive garage door opener. The belt drive doors are more expensive than other competitive garage doors. It takes additional cost too for technical work and others. As we are comparing belt drive with chain drive so much. So let’s know the pros and cons of both. 

Undoubtedly, both Belt drive and Chain drive garage openers have their pros and cons and vary at specific points too. But I would suggest everyone look at the most preferred garage door openers as per their need and requirements. 

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