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How to Bypass Garage Door Sensor? Easiest Way to Disable It

If you find something on the way to the garage door, then the installed sensors will check the door from closing. Sensors work as the safety mechanism for your garage door which will protect against injury and damage to the property. The sensors detect the objects in the path of the door closing.

At times your garage door doesn’t close properly due to defective sensors, and if you carry automatic garage door, then the faulty sensor can make the situation even worse.
Here I will make you acquainted with the ways of inactivating the garage door sensors so that you don’t have to face any mess.

How to Disable Garage Door Sensors?

Step 1: Cut off the power


Cut off the power

First of all, stop the supply of the power by severing the garage door plug from the wall. If you owe automatic door, then by disconnecting the sensor your door will stop working. In case while using the switch or button your garage door is not working, then you can apply manual mode to open and close it.

Step 2: Track down the sensors

On each side of the garage door, you should track down the sensors. The small plastic pieces with LED lights serve as the sensors.

Step 3: Remove the sensors

Remove Sensor

On each side of the sensor, you will find wing nuts which you can unfasten by rotating it counterclockwise with your hands. As a result, the sensors will come out from the brackets.

Step 4: Cut the wire

Wire Cutter

From the safety sensor, you should cut the white and black cord about 1” by making use of wire cutters. In this way, you will be able to disconnect your safety sensors from the garage door.

Step 5: Go for the new sensors


New Sensor

To the new sensors, you can reattach the cut wires. Inside of the casting, you will find the metal wiring which you can expose by stripping the ends of the wires which you have cut down. From the new sensor, you will find the black cable which you can twist to the black wire which you have earlier cut down. Repeat the process with the white wire.

Finally, in the brackets secure the sensors and hold them in place by tightening the wingnuts.

In this way, you can separate the garage door sensors.

Effortlessly disable the garage door sensor

From this enlightening article, you will come to know how to disable garage door sensors easily. The steps as mentioned above will make your bypassing task of garage door sensors simple and stress-free.

You can take help of an expert if you face any difficulty while disconnecting the garage door. Once you are through with the task of setting the new sensor, make sure you check the functioning of the same so that you won’t face any problem in future.
The routine work related to the garage will become convenient and easy-going due to the smooth functioning of the garage door.

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