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How to Change Battery in LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Keypad – Quick steps

You are clicking away on the keypad, but your garage door isn’t opening. Oh, isn’t that frustrating? While this could indicate an operational problem, more often than not, it is quite simple! Remember the popular phrase? Sometimes, the solution is the easiest one? So, it may just be that the batteries in your door opener have died and need to be replaced.

Now comes the real question. What’s the process for LiftMaster garage door opener battery replacement? Let’s quickly go through the steps.

How to change battery in LiftMaster garage door opener keypad

How to change battery in LiftMaster garage door opener keypad

  • First, slide the cover of the keypad to reveal the number pad. This is where you will see an area for batteries that you can open. If you don’t find it, don’t panic. Simply take a look at the manual and follow the steps.
  • Uncover the battery compartment and remove the batteries slotted in. These are the old batteries and need to be disposed of. Remember to dispose of them off carefully and safely. 
  • Insert the new batteries according to polarity and put the cover back. 
  • Check if it is working now.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you don’t know where and how to dispose of old batteries, check the Internet for recycling centers in your locality.
  • If you are unsure about the type of batteries you need, first remove the old batteries, check them, and purchase new ones accordingly.
  • The polarities are indicated in the battery slots. Check and insert the new batteries based on these indications.

Batteries usually last for around a year, and the keypad comes with batteries. Only once they have worn out will you need to buy new ones.

What if it still doesn’t work?

Even after the LiftMaster garage door opener battery change, if the keypad doesn’t work, it is time to troubleshoot. Following are a few possible scenarios:

  • It needs to be cleaned: Grime and dust can cause the keys to stick and malfunction. So, clean it with a soft cloth and see if that helps.
  • The wires are loose: This is fairly simple. Check for frayed or loose wires and see if that’s the problem.
  • Its PIN has reset: Sometimes, the keypad gets locked, and the PIN is reset when the wrong code is entered. Maybe that’s what happened? Take a look!
  • It needs a reboot: Many people underestimate the power of a good reboot. Clearing its memory and restarting it can actually make it work! 
  • The sensor is failing: In this case, you will need a new sensor.
  • The springs have worn out: Broken springs need an immediate replacement.

Replacing the battery in a LiftMaster garage door opener keypad is very easy, but if that doesn’t work, you need professional help. This is especially true for cases such as failed sensors and broken springs. Of course, it is possible to take care of it yourself. But, unless you are a professional, we would not encourage it. One wrong move can make matters worse.

We hope this guide has provided the solution to your questions. If it hasn’t, we really recommend professional assistance. Without personally seeing the problem, giving an exact answer can be difficult. The steps above are generic.

Please feel to comment and let us know if you have any suggestions. We are always happy to enrich our articles and guide to improve user experience.

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