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How to Cool a Garage With No Windows? – Protect From The Heat

Hot months are quite uncomfortable, aren’t they? Imagine having to survive without windows during that time! Horrifying. Well, some garages are like that. They have no windows, which means there is no ventilation. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend on an AC for the garage, and you really don’t need to.

How to Cool a Garage With No Windows?

Instead, you can just apply one of these garage cooling ideas to protect yourself and your garage from excruciating heat.

Install a Ceiling Fan

garage ceiling fan

This would be a brilliant, permanent solution. A ceiling fan will fall right in your budget and will provide the required cooling. If the garage is too large, you can also think about installing two fans. Otherwise, an industrial model will suffice.

If installing is not an option, you could get a table fan. These fans are also quite good. Make sure you buy a powerful one.



This is another long-lasting solution. It may take you a while to get it in place, but insulation will minimize the heating problem to a great extent. If you are not keen on insulating the entire garage, you can just think about insulating the door. This will help a lot too.

Can you Install Vents?

install vent

If you can spend time and energy, and install attic vents, it will permanently solve your heating problem. Install a couple of vents based on the requirement. These vents are usually near the roof so that the hot air escapes as it rises.

Get a Dehumidifier


Highly affordable and practical, a dehumidifier will get rid of the humidity, thereby bringing the temperature down. Humid air usually feels a lot hotter and uncomfortable.

Remember, though, that this may not be a practical idea if you live in areas that have scorching summers.

Get a Portable AC

portable Air conditioner

Getting a split AC will be a great solution but since it is expensive and probably not even practical, you can always get a portable AC. It is cheaper and will do wonders in helping you cool the garage down without worrying about windows or anything else.

Additional solutions

Aforementioned are the top garage cooling ideas. However, if you are looking for more, you can go through the list below:

  1. Change the color of your garage. Light colored walls and garage door will keep the garage considerably cool.
  2. Think of a mini-split AC. If you are willing to spend, please go for it!
  3. A swamp cooler is a good idea. It is handy and quite cheap!
  4. How about just opening the garage door? This is a nice, practical, but temporary solution.

You can see how many garage cooling solutions there are for you to explore. The best one for you will depend on where you live, how bad the summers are, and how much cooling you actually need. Sometimes, a dehumidifier will be enough. Other times, you may need a portable AC and a dehumidifier together. If you live in really hot conditions, you may have to spend on a good AC. Evaluate your options and needs, and make the right choice!

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