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How to Get Bird Out of Garage? – Find Here the Safest Way

There are many instances when you a bird entering your garage, kitchen or house and not leaving it. I remember the first time I saw a bird in my garage and freaking out. Getting bird out of the garage is a task, but if you know the right ways to do so, then it doesn’t take that much of time. In this article, I will share all the methods along with other important tips that help keep birds out of the garage. Make sure you choose the one you find the most convenient.

How to Keep Birds Out of Garage?

1. Keep the doors and windows open

Whenever you spot the bird in your garage, the first thing you should do is not to scream as it frightens the birds. You should open all the Garage doors  and windows so that the bird gets away to get out on its own. Leave the bird alone for some time and see if the bird exits your garage.

2. Switch off all the lights in the garage

All the birds except for nocturnal birds are active in sunlight. Switch off the lights in your garage and make sure that your garage is dark. I would also recommend you to switch off the fan so that it doesn’t hurt the bird. After switching off everything keep one exit open for the birds to get out. Close all other windows and doors so that the garage is dark and that one exit seems brighter. Leave the garage and wait for the bird to get out of the garage through that exit.

3. Keep some attractions near the exit door

If the above-stated two methods do not work then now is the time to try this trick. Bright coloured objects attract the birds. For luring them out of the garage keep a bright coloured ball near the exit. Keep other such shiny objects after the door also at some distance that attracts birds to go near it. You can keep more objects in your garden area to make sure that the bird is out of the garage. As soon as the bird leaves the garage, shut down all the doors and windows so that it doesn’t reenter.

These are the ways to get a bird out of the garage but what if the bird has a nesting in your garage already? Don’t worry I have a solution for that too.

How to get rid of the birds nesting?

get rid of the birds nesting

Birds like to make their nests in areas which are safe and warm. Some corners of the garage for perfect for birds to build their nests. If you come across any such nest in the garage, check if there are any eggs in the nest. If there are no eggs in the nest, then remove the nest entirely and clean that area. Keep the doors shut in the evenings especially as the birds tend to return to their nest during that time.

In case if you notice that there are eggs in the nest, then wait for the time till the eggs hatch. Once the eggs hatch and chicks are some weeks old, you can now remove the nest. You can also even relocate the nest somewhere else. But never remove the nest that has eggs as it is not good for chicks and the bird.

What steps should be taken to prevent the birds from entering your garage?

It is necessary to keep all the doors particularly the large door used for parking the vehicle closed. Keep the windows and doors shut when you are not working in the garage. Also never keep any bird food or cages in the garage. Keep your garage clean and do routine checks to see if there is any birds nesting in the garage. If you find a nest, then try removing or relocating it quickly.

Concluding remarks

Birds generally get out of the garage, but if you have trouble while keeping them out of the garage, then you can ask for help. You can call for a professional or wildlife organization people to help you to get the bird out of your garage. It should be kept in mind that all these methods should be done with utmost care without hurting or scaring the bird.

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