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How to Get Rid of Flies in Garage? – Make Your Garage Insects Free

Imagine that you and your family are sitting on a dining table, eating your dinner. Suddenly, a fly comes and start annoying you. You grab a flyswatter and try to kill that irritating insect. Rest of the family covers their plates. But as always, it manages to escape.

Flies are a common nuisance that can spread illness. One fly and its potential to lay 9000 eggs is the bigger nuisance. They can contaminate edible items as well as other surfaces by carrying bacteria and transmitting diseases. Not only that, some flies even bite! No wonder why some people get a little obsessed with ‘kill-that-annoying-creature’ when they spot a fly in their homes. 

While the most effective way to get rid of flies is still the pest control, there are also some DIY ideas to make your garage free from insects. These methods are simple, effective, and inexpensive. So, read this article and show these small devils that this home and garage is yours and they have to leave permanently.

How to Keep Flies Out of Garage?

If flies are driving you insane, then find ways to avoid them by using these techniques regularly for a few days. 

Method 1: DIY Homemade Fly Traps

  • Make a Trap Using Soda Bottles

Making a trap to catch or kill the flies is easy. You can make it with your day-to-day household stuff. Firstly, try to use a soda bottle as a fly trap. Clean a plastic, two-litre soda bottle and cut the top third of it. Then, pour a sweet liquid. You can also use sugar water. Turn the other part upside-down, and place it over the larger part of the bottle. When you use this cone-shape method, flies will be attracted towards the liquid, but unable to get the way out. Keep such bottles in each corner of your garage.

home made flies trap

  • Make a Trap Using Vinegar and Dish Soap

Take a shallow dish and pour the apple cider vinegar in it. Also, add a tablespoon of sugar and scented dish soap. Try to find a solvent having fruit or sweet flower fragrances. Cover the dishes with plastic wrap, with some holes on it. Put these plates wherever you want to get rid of flies in the garage.

  • Sticky Fly Traps Around The Garage

You may have noticed that flies prefer to sit in the areas which are high up from the ground. You can keep sticky fly traps covering the edges of the ceiling. You should keep changing the place of these traps to find out their favorite spot. This method can attract the flies to their ‘final’ resting place.   

Method 2:  Kitchen Ingredients to Rescue

Natural ingredients such as basil, bay leaf, lavender, nasturtiums, mint, etc. are beneficial when it comes to getting rid of the flies. Keep basil or bay leaf plants indoor. Or, hang lavender in bundles outside of your garage door and windows. Mint can be helpful to you not only to get rid of only flies but also to keep the mice, birds and ants away. Another benefit of such natural flowers and plants is that they can purify the air of garage. So, why not to try once?

Method 3: Using Bug Sprays

Using a bug spray is an effective way to control a small number of flies in a garage or home. But, this method is a temporary one. It does not long last. If your garage is facing a bigger issue of flies, then it is advisable to call pest control. 

Bug Spray

Method 4: Using Vacuum as a Shortcut

If you are tired of using flyswatter, then you should try vacuum cleaner for hard to catch, annoying flies. Put a hose attachment on your vacuum, take a look around, spot the target, and suck it up. Simple, isn’t it? 

Method 5: Electrified Fly Swatter or Fly Zappers

This small device is a boon for many! If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or the attachment, you can replace it from the electrified fly swatter. It is more effective than the traditional one as it is rapid. Fly zappers are also helpful to get rid of the flies. They make a loud noise after trapping the flies. Sometimes, such sounds are quite annoying, but as far as the flies are concerned, these devices can surely kill them instantly.

FLy Zapper

So, these are a few methods which can help you to find an answer of how to get rid of flies in the garage. Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are few more things you should keep in mind if you want to reduce flies in your house, yard, or garage.

  • Clean your kitchen and floors every day.
  • Inspect trash cans thrice a week.
  • Keep wet waste and dry waste separately.
  • Drain the water time to time.
  • Never forget to cover the fruits.
  • Keep trimming your plants.
  • Open doors and windows to welcome sunlight.

Follow these tips and stay healthy and happy always. 🙂 I hope you have found this article useful. I also hope that from now onwards, you will be free from the headache caused by the flies and birds.

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