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How to Hang Pegboard Without Screws – DIY Pegboard Hanging Guide

Pegboards are among the most useful organization tools in your house, school, and garage. They are used for hanging tools, crafts, kitchen supplies, and school supplies. Though they have various uses, they have one problem, and that is hanging it up. Sometimes many of us either do not want to screw nails into our walls or, at some places screwing or drilling is not allowed. 

Hence, in such circumstances, we need to hang our pegboard without screws, and for that, we need command strips. Thus in this article, we will provide you the steps to hang up your pegboard on the wall without screws by yourself.

How to Hang Pegboard Without Screws?

To hang a pegboard, you first have to prepare your pegboard and the wall. After that, you only have to stick the command strips on the pegboard and hang it on the wall. Again you have to take it back down, wait for some time, and then again hang the pegboard on the wall. There is no need for any tools or cleaning in this process. So let us get started. Before starting the procedure, let us first list down the materials required.

Material Required

  • Pegboard
  • Bar -1 no
  • Screws – 4 nos
  • Spacers -2 nos
  • Painter’s tape
  • Command strips – 16 nos.

Once you are ready with your materials, let us start hanging the pegboard without drilling the wall.

How to Hang Pegboard Without Screws – DIY Pegboard Hanging Guide

It is a simple process to hang up the pegboard without drilling. You will only have to follow the following steps, and your work will be over in no time.

Step 1. Plan Your Pegboard

First, you need to determine which side of the pegboard you want it in front. Once decided, you need to again think of where to screw the bar on the pegboard. Generally, screwing the bar near the top of the pegboard is a good idea, as it provides better support, and placing the spacers at the bottom will help to keep the pegboard in level with the wall.

Step 2. Prepare Your Pegboard

PegboardNow you have to prepare your pegboard. So, first, use two screws to attach the bar to the pegboard. Use the other two screws to attach the spacers at the bottom of the pegboard. Once you have screwed the bar and spacers, your pegboard is ready to hang on the wall.

Step 3. Washing Your Wall

Before hanging the pegboard, you need to wash and clean the wall with alcohol so that the command strips get easily bonded to the wall.wash

The next step is to determine the place where you want to hang the top of the pegboard on the wall. At that place, with the help of a level, apply the strip of painter’s tape on the wall.

Step 4. Sticking Together with the Command Strips

Command StripsSticking the command strips is an essential step in the whole procedure. Take 16 strips of command strips, and make eight sets from them. Stick the sets of command strip together and spend 30 seconds on each stage of the command strip. Sticking them for 30 seconds will help them seal together firmly, keeping your pegboard in place for a longer period.

Step 5. Cutting Two Command Strips

From the eight sets of command strips, six sets are for the bar, and the other two are for the spacers. Now, as the spacers are small, they need smaller command strips. You will have to cut the command strips twice, about 1/3 of its length, one for each spacer.

Step 6. Applying the Command Strip on the Bar

Apply six sets of command strips inline on the bar of the pegboard. Also, apply two shorter command strips on each spacer. To help them stick properly, press each command strip for about 45 seconds into the board. Please make sure not to forget this step; else, the pegboard will not stick on the wall for a long time.

Step 7. Pressing the Pegboard on the Wall

Pegboard30Now, as the command strips are firmly attached to the pegboard, it is the time to place the pegboard on the wall. Now you will think where to hang the pegboard? So if you remember, we have already applied the painter’s tape for easy application. Once you have fixed the pegboard on the wall, keep it pressed for some time. The strips are necessary to be secured before carrying out the next step.

Step 8. Put the Pegboard Down the Wall

It might seem an addition of more effort, but putting the pegboard down the wall is another crucial step. You have to carefully take down the pegboard from the wall and make sure that only one side of the command strip remains fastened to the wall. Once you have taken down the pegboard, press the command strips on the wall once again for 30 seconds each.

Step 9. Waiting for an Hour

You have to wait for an hour after putting down the pegboard to allow the strips to adhere to the wall. Besides, you will have to unscrew the bar from the pegboard, as aligning the bar to the Velcro is easier than aligning the pegboard.

Step 10. Aligning the Bar to the Wall and Placing the Pegboard

After waiting for one hour now, you can line up the bar directly on the command strips. Once you put up the bar again, make sure to press it for 30 seconds each. Finally, you have to screw back the pegboard on the bar. Press the pegboard into the wall for some time and then start using it.

The Bottom Line

Now you know that you don’t need screws every time to hang up the pegboard. As command strips are now available, anything can be hang up without drilling the walls. There is no doubt that screws work very well, but command strips can also suffice the purpose if you don’t wont to spoil your wall or screwing is not permitted. So go ahead and hang your pegboard dent-free using our DIY guide.

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