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How to Install a Wood Stove in a Garage? – Easy Installation Steps

Many people want to install a wood stove in their garage. There are many pros of having a wood stove in the garage. It helps to keep you warm if you are one of those people who spend most of their time in the garage during winters. It also helps you in just setting up a fireplace in the house if you do not have enough space in the living area of the house. The entire process is very easy and hardly takes any time to install a wood stove in the garage. For making it easy to understand for all my readers, I am going to explain the entire process in steps that are easy to follow.

How to Install a Wood Burning Stove in a Garage?

Step-1. Decide the location for installing the wood stove

The first step to do before starting to install the wood stove is to plan the location in your garage where you want to set up the wood stove. Deciding the place where you want to keep the stove will make it easy to plan things further. Also, you should determine what type of pipe you want to install for your stove. There are single wall stovepipe, clearance stovepipe and double wall stovepipe to choose from. The procedure of connecting different types of chimneys is a little different, and hence it is recommended to decide the kind of chimney as well as the stove pipe in advance.

Step-2. Get the wood stove and chimney for installation

To take the proper measurements and see the placement of the wood stove and chimney get everything in the garage and start arranging it tentatively to know the space required by the stove and the pipe. It will also help to get measurements along with the specifications that are mentioned with the products. It is essential to have the exact width of the chimney pipe in every dimension to make a hole in the ceiling for the chimney.

Step-3. Locate the point to drill a hole

With the help of the chimney find the point in the ceiling to make the vent for the chimney pipe. Mark the spots on the ceilings with the help of the chimney opening with the help of a plumb bob. Take the proper measurements for the vent of the chimney and add 4 inches to the markings of the circle to keep the space for minimum clearance of any combustible sources on the roof for the chimney. You can also mark the points for the parts of the chimney that will penetrate the roof and ceiling. You can use a scribing compass for the markings on the ceiling.

Step-4. Drill hole for fitting chimney pipe

chimany pipe

After you are done taking the measurements required for the chimney pipe, start making the hole according to the markings. You can use a utility knife to make the hole. If you have trouble in making a hole or making the markings, you can also call a professional to help you with it as it is the most crucial part of the entire installation process. Cut the ceiling sheathing for fitting the metal chimney collar and make a hole in the roof and roof sheathing for the stove pipe. You can also use a jigsaw for making the vents for fitting the chimney.

Step-5. Clean the area around the drilled holes

After you are done with drilling holes in the ceiling and roof for all the pipes and fittings clear the area around it. Clean the areas on the roof for fitting the chimney metal collar and other materials as per the guidelines are given in the manual. In case you find it difficult to do all the fittings you can also call a professional to help you with the fittings of the chimney.

Step-6. Do the final fittings

connect stove pipe

Once you have done the fittings of the chimney in the roof connect the stove pipe of the wood stove to the chimney pipe. Place the wooden stove in the proper position right below the chimney so that the chimney works efficiently.

So these were the steps to install a wood stove in your garage. Make sure you take accurate measurements for fitting the chimney as without the precise measurements the installation process will be a little difficult. In any case, you feel like the process is not easy you can call up a technician to ease your work.

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