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How to Insulate Garage Ceiling With Room Above: Simple Steps to Fix It

A room above the garage is one of the cutest and most perfect areas. Many people may disagree with me, but I personally love this type of tiny and super cozy room the most. You can make the ideal corner of your dreams or cherish your childhood memories in this kind of place. The only problem living here is its cold atmosphere. It is difficult to warm such areas. Also, any room above the garage needs more protection than the other rooms of the house.

Many popular methods may work to make the bonus room more comfortable. You can either use any one way or can mix all to get the satisfied results. One of these methods is ‘Insulation.’ Home experts suggest that insulating the garage ceiling under the bedroom helps in keeping the room warm. So, let’s start with the step by step guide of the most common and simplest method.

How to Insulate Garage Ceiling With Room Above?

Insulation helps in reducing the heat or chilling effects passing through the garage walls. New engineers and designers make sure that any garage must have insulated ceilings, but the older designs may not have this benefit. The positive thing is that you can surely insulate your garage ceiling without putting much effort. Simply follow this procedure.

Step 1: Check if your garage ceiling is already insulated

If the garage ceiling includes the plywood or drywall, then there are chances that it is already insulated. Kindly check or take some professional help and make sure that the roof is finished with these types of materials mentioned above.

Step 2: Cut a small hole in the drywall

If you are still unsure about the insulation, then you need to run an experiment to check and confirm. Remove the plywood or cut a small hole in the drywall and look inside. You can get the help of a flashlight.

Step 3: Observe the ceiling

If you observe an open cavity after the removal of plywood, you may need new insulation to reduce the chilling effects. If there is adequate insulation, but it is not sufficient, then you can simply insulate the floor of the room above the garage.

Step 4: Inspect insulation above the garage ceiling

Sometimes, the heating or chilling issue is not related to the garage ceiling. It might be related to the attached room that is directly connected with the top of the garage. It is essential to inspect the bonus room and look for the loopholes.

Step 5: Blow or spray-in insulations

If your garage ceiling is not too high, you can try DIY spray-in foam insulation. It’s easy, convenient, and most effective. But if the garage ceiling is tall, then it’s better that you take help from the professionals. They can provide the best output by adding insulation batts or blow-in loose insulation.

Step 6: Cover the ceiling

Once the insulation process is completed, it is essential to give finishing to the ceiling by covering it with the drywall or plywood. But before installing the materials, make sure that the existing insulation is not thin, and you don’t need to add more insulation.

Step 7: Replace the garage doors and windows

Even if you insulate the garage ceiling, there are times when you are unable to get the most satisfying results. If you are unable to reduce heat or cold even after replacing the insulation, then you should try replacing the garage doors and windows. 

An R-value garage door can significantly protect your inside atmosphere. It keeps the temperature intact and reduces heat loss in your garage and the room above the garage. The experts suggest that higher R-value can provide better insulation. It helps in keeping the room fresh in summers and warmer in winters.

I hope now you have the idea of how to insulate a garage ceiling with living space above. Many other ideas are there that work as heat alternatives and keep the living room or bedroom comfortable and cozy.

Useful Tips to Keep the Room Warm

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting can help drastically to make your room warm.
  • Thick rugs on some hard-surface floors can prevent chilling your feet.
  • Heavy curtains or drapery can maintain warmth inside the room.
  • Covering your windows with thick plastic sheets can be a protective shield.
  • An electric fireplace or in-floor radiant heaters may work best for the rooms.
  • Purchase or make the fiberglass batts and fit the cavities of the garage ceiling.
  • Spray foam also words as heat or cold protector. It also includes sound dampening qualities.

If you have taken each suggestion seriously, then congratulations! You have dramatically improved your garage ceiling in the most cost-effective way. I am sure that there is no chance that your garage ceiling with the room above can create any problem from now onwards. I hope this article has helped you enough for the insulation procedures. Stay cool, but keep your room and garage warm. Most importantly, stay healthy. 🙂

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