Propane vs Kerosene Garage Heater – Which One’s a Better Choice?

During the chilliest of winters, which part of the house suffers the most? The garage! Since it is usually away from the main residence, it takes the brunt. While it may feel okay because you don’t actually live there, the cold can have adverse effects. For one, whenever you step into the garage to remove your car or to engage in some DIY projects, you will not be able to stand the cold. Also, the items in your garage may be affected, and even the integrity of the door may be compromised!

Propane vs Kerosene Garage Heater

What’s the solution? A garage heater.

When you start your search for garage heaters, you will note that there are two popular choices – Propane heaters and kerosene heaters. They both do their job well. So, which one must you choose? The choice is actually quite simple, and you will be able to make a choice once you compare them based on major factors. And, that’s exactly what we are going to do for you.

Which one is readily available? Kerosene or propane?

Propane heater vs kerosene heaterSince you will need the heater on a regular basis, you should ask yourself which fuel is readily available. You can buy small kerosene tanks from camping stores or home improvement stores. However, these tanks are too small to last for a long time. Thus, they can be quite expensive. The best place to buy kerosene in large quantities is a kerosene pump.

Propane, on the other hand, is very easy to find and buy. You can even rent propane tanks for the winter from convenience stores. If you are looking for a bulk purchase, make sure you buy it from a propane delivery company directly.

Which one is safer? Kerosene or propane heater?

Safety is, of course, a major concern. That is why it is very crucial to understand which one is the safer choice. The answer is kerosene because it does not ignite. It is less explosive than other fuels too. It is also safe to store kerosene for a long period of time in a quality container (a drum with a clamp).

Propane is not as safe, and also it is difficult to store. It needs large metal tanks for safe storage, and these tanks are impossible to move. If you compromise on the tank, please note that the gas may catch fire. Propane is easily flammable. 

Which one is cheaper? Kerosene or propane?

Propane heater vs kerosene heaterFinally, let’s take a look at the price. If you check the price per gallon, you will see that kerosene is significantly cheaper. However, that’s not the only consideration that you should make. It all comes down to the BTU or energy potential. When this is taken into account, kerosene is still cheaper but not be a large margin.

Final verdict – Propane vs kerosene garage heater

Overall, we really think a kerosene garage heater is the better choice. It is cheaper and safer. Yes, we agree that it may not be as easily available as propane, but it is not too difficult to locate in most parts of the country. So, unless it is unavailable in your locality, we recommend that you go with a kerosene tanker. If you need bulk amounts that you can procure easily and do not mind spending a few extra bucks, propane is the way to go without a doubt.

No matter which one you choose, you must exercise caution. Even though kerosene is relatively safer, it can be dangerous when not stored properly. So, be very careful and attentive when you deal with fuels.

Which garage heater are you going to purchase this winter? Let us know through comments and tell us why so that we add your suggestions to our article. 

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