Slatwall Vs Pegboard – Which Wall System is Perfect for Your Garage?

There are some basic requirements for people who own a garage. The garage walls should be well-designed in terms of function and a service point of view. The arrangement of all the things or equipment is generally required above the floor. They should be either hanging on the wall or ceiling or arranged in the cabinets. 

Numerous systems are available in the market nowadays. The most common techniques for garage walls are the Pegboard system and the Slatwall system. At first glance, both systems look similar, and it becomes difficult to judge which one is better. To have a clear understanding, let us discuss each type of wall system and compare Slatwall vs pegboard.

What is Slatwall System?


Slatwall is one type of building material, consisting of panels of 4ft by 8ft. It has horizontal grooves known as slats. Slatwall is made from MDF – Medium Density Fiberboards or PVC construction material. MDF is engineered wood in a fibrous form mixed with resin binder and wax to prepare the panels. Lamination or pressing of melamine paper is used as finishing for Slatwall.

Using aluminum or plastic inserts in union with a variety of accessories, you can hang shelves, tools, equipment, or objects. Another benefit of Slatwall is its availability in different colors. They are used as wall coverings such as panels or free-standing fixtures. It gives the garage a clean and beautiful look.

What is Pegboard System?


Pegboard is another material used for wall coverings made up of perforated hardboard or perfboard. Instead of grooves, it has holes throughout the pegboard. The holes of the pegboard are of the same dimensions and drilled before installation. They are a simple and less expensive for storing tools and equipment.

Wood and metal material are used to make pegboard. Metal pegboards are available in smaller dimensions due to its weight and cost. Few metal pegboards tend to sag due to less board thickness. Wooden pegboards cannot take heavy loads and result in cracking and deformation.

Slatwall Vs Pegboard

Now that we have seen above the advantages and disadvantages of both the Slatwall system and the pegboard system. Let us now compare systems, Slatwall vs Pegboard, using different parameters to figure out which one is better.

Based on Looks

From an aesthetic point of view, Slatwall is better than pegboard. Visually comparing both the systems, the Slatwall has a sleek and flawless appearance. They are made up of long-lasting materials with grooves that sit evenly with the wall. All hanging items on the Slatwall look like they are hanging invisibly, as it hides all the mounting hardware.

Pegboards, on the other hand, are prepared from individual panels with a large number of holes. In this, the exposed holes look shabby and difficult to be ignored. The Slatwall comes in different colors, whereas pegboards have limited color options. Slatwall gives modern looks, whereas pegboard seems to be outdated.

Based on Durability and Strength

Considering both the systems, first of all, you need to decide what you intend to store on the walls. Both these systems can easily carry items such as wrenches, fasteners, rakes, etc. But Slatwall is a better option if you are hanging heavy items such as chainsaws, bicycles, etc. Slatwall has better durability compared to the pegboard. Slatwall holds the things better than pegboard as the items are mounted in the grooves. 

In the case of pegboards, they may get damaged under heavy weight or pressure items. Hanging heavy items of wood or metal pegboards can warp or crack the boards or rip the hooks from the holes. Hence, it is definite that slat wall systems are more robust and durable than pegboards, as they can keep the heavy items secured. However, if you wish to store light items, pegboards are an excellent choice. 

Based on the organization

The purpose of organizing a garage is to keep it clean and easily accessible. In Pegboards, one can hang tools, handbags, etc. in the drilled holes using hooks. Pegboards have numerous holes spaced at equal distances to fit everything, but it looks very messy if not managed appropriately. Also, if you need to hang a bicycle or a heavy object, than pegboards are incapable and might bend or warp. Hence, its use is quite limited. 

On the other hand, Slatwall provides you excellent flexibility for storing all types of large and small items without creating a mess. Slatwall is used to hang many heavy items such as ladders, soccer balls, etc. without the risk of bending, warping, or buckling.


There are infinite choices for outfitting and organizing the garage using proper fixtures and layout. One can use a pegboard or Slatwall depending on the requirements one has, but Slatwall has more benefits. Slatwall has proved itself in terms of durability, versatility, and usefulness. It can handle heavy weights without getting damaged. Hence we can conclude that the Slatwall system is a better option for our garage to look perfect. We hope we were of some help to you. Now get going and arrange your garage stuff.

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